Looking to accelerate your optioneering studies?

Optioneer is available through a flexible subscription model that adjusts to the number of projects and their size to suit your budget.

Scoping & Bidding

Ideal for early stage scoping of projects and
preparation of bids

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  • Quick project set up with first design options generated in a day
  • Quantities reports & analysis of project scope
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Limited number of design options
  • Sharing and re-using design rules between projects


Full functionality of Optioneer, suitable if you have multiple or individual desktop studies

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  • Unlimited number of users
  • Unlimited number of design options
  • Designs can be re-visited and refined during the project as more information becomes available
  • Sharing and re-using design rules between projects‍
  • Development of new design rules necessary for each project
  • Unlimited storage of GIS data, design rules and unit costs


Most suitable for companies with multiple teams or large-scale projects

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  • Organisation-wide sharing of data including design rules, GIS data and unit costs
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Priority Technical Support
  • Insight into upcoming, non-public features and influence over the product roadmap

Additional services

Accellerate your optioneering projects with the additional support from our expert team.

Get quick access to Optioneer through our Managed Service
Develop custom design rules and models specifically for your project
Get additional confidence by having your analysis fine tuned by a Continuum Industries scientist
Get support with sourcing
and processing of your GIS data

Incredible companies use Optioneer


Discover how Mott MacDonald and Continuum Industries combine human and artificial intelligence to save 40% on design time for water pipelines and reduce the whole life cycle costs of multi-million dollar projects by more than 10% compared with traditional methods.

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Let us know if you are considering using Optioneer for your project and our team will be happy to advise how it would best fit into your workflow or provide a quote.

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